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Russia warns U.S. it is “playing with fire” over latest sanctions against China

Beijing and Moscow have both hit out at the White House over sanctions imposed against China for buying Russian fighter jets


What it's like to fly over the Super Bowl in an Air Force F-16

For the pilots it's a training mission with a real-world purpose.


This 1997 Flight Sim Let You Fly the F-35 Years Before It Was Ready

I first flew the F-35 as a nine-year-old.


Swarms of Tiny Drones Could Accompany US Fighter Jets

The propeller-driven, winged robots, each the size of a beer can and weighing just one pound, could fly ahead of human pilots, scouting for targets, distracting enemy forces, or even attacking targets on their own.


The Military's Hornet Fighters Are Falling Out of the Sky

Six months. Eight accidents. Eight destroyed Hornets and one damaged one. Five dead aviators.


How Trump Could Actually Make the US Air Force Great Again

In the absence of a more specific official policy, Motherboard asked US air power experts what they think the president-elect should do to improve the military's flying branch.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Study shows Gitmo guards suffer from major PTSD, Trump says African Americans are "living in hell" at a rally in Florida, Adele endorses Clinton at a Miami show with the candidate in the audience, and more.


Australia Just Ordered 1,100 High-Powered Armored Vehicles For its Military

The lightweight, blast deflecting Hawkei personnel carrier is ideal for both military operations and humanitarian efforts, but Australia's prime minister said the purchase does not signal a boost to military engagement.


Syria Uses Russian Jets To Strike the Islamic State at Besieged Airbase

Ground attacks accompanied the airstrikes, which began earlier this week near the Kweiris Air Base in the eastern part of Aleppo province, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.


Australia Sort of Responded to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Australian government will now take 12,000 additional refugees from Syria. But is it enough?


Watch China's Very Familiar-Looking Next Generation Fighter Jet

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.