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Pride 2017

We Need to Talk About the Queer Community's Meth and GHB Epidemic

Our nonchalant attitude towards this problem is just as detrimental as the drugs themselves.
Anthony "aCe" Pabey
Pride 2017

The Unsung History of Circuit Parties, Where Gay Men Seek Sex and Freedom

How hedonistic marathon raves became a unique LGBTQ tradition.
Steve Weinstein
Pride 2017

A Party Has to Be More Than Gay to Qualify as "Queer"

Calling something “queer” comes with a responsibility to live up to what the term encompasses.
Rose Dommu

This Is the Best Book You'll Read About Queer Nightlife This Year

Peter Ackroyd's 'Queer City' is a powerful reminder of the importance of pleasure.
Josh Baines
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Former New York Nightclub Owner Found Dead in Suspected Homicide

Savyon Zabar, A.K.A. "Big Ben," was well known within the gay community.
Krystal Rodriguez

Gay Nightlife Is Dying and Grindr and Gentrification Are to Blame

As the legendary venues and parties that defined gay nightlife in the 1990s and 2000s die out, what are promoters doing to keep the party moving?
John Lucas

Fancy Fuckin': Inside the Well-Dressed World of Suit Fetish Nights

What is it that makes men want to wear expensive tailored suits while they fool around?
John Fielding

The Comeback Kid: Michael Alig’s Return to New York Nightlife

The city’s most notorious party promoter built a career on going too far—then ended up in jail for manslaughter. Now that he’s served his time, will a new generation of clubbers welcome him home?
Michelle Lhooq

'We Came to Sweat' Tells the Story of New York City's Oldest Black-Owned Gay Club

We talked to filmmaker Kate Kunath about gentrification, queer spaces, and the legacy of south Brooklyn gay club Starlite.
Daisy Jones