Climate Change Revived a Plant That Hasn't Bred in 60 Million Years in the UK

Cycads used to grow in the UK during the age of the dinosaurs. Warming temperatures are helping them return.
Becky Ferreira
11 hours ago
climate debate

The DNC's Climate Debate Is As Good As Dead

But all the leading presidential candidates support it.
Alex Lubben
a day ago
climate change

The Amazon Wildfires Aren't Natural. Blame Humans

As the Amazon burns, it's important to know that intense wildfires aren't natural to the largest tropical rainforest ecosystem on Earth—people are to blame.
Madeleine Gregory
a day ago
climate change

This Is What America Could Look Like When Our Coasts Are Under Water

Rising sea levels could be an opportunity for social change—or a dystopian hellscape.
Shayla Love

Christians Care About Climate Change If It's About Saving 'God's Creation'

A new study shows that climate change can be more of a Christian issue—if we speak their language.
Mary Retta
climate change

Southerners Are Scared of the Climate Crisis, and Their Politicians Are Ignoring Them

The states that will be most affected by the climate crisis are the ones with the least political action.
Shayla Love
democratic debate

Democrats Spent 7 Minutes Talking About Climate Change at the Debate. That’s More Than Trump and Hillary in 2016.

Voters still want a full debate on the issue.
Alex Lubben
Games Columns

Underwater Video Games Ignore the Perilous State of Our Collapsing Oceans

In games, the ocean is often beautiful, sometimes terrifying, but rarely threatened by environmental catastrophe as our own is.
Cameron Kunzelman
The Everglades

The Everglades Is on Fire, But It's Actually Fine

At 33,500 acres, as of Wednesday morning, the fire is currently the largest in the Everglades since 2011.
Alex Lubben

Siberia Could Become More Habitable Due to the Climate Crisis, Scientists Find

The climate will become milder across Asian Russia by the 2080s, making it way easier to live there.
Sarah Krichel
climate change

What You Need to Know About the Trump Adviser Who Compared CO2 to Persecuted Jews

Here's the lowdown on Princeton physicist William Happer.
Alex Lubben

Global Warming Is Wiping Out Marine Animals Faster Than Land Dwellers

A study of 406 cold-blooded animals revealed that climate change is already pushing marine species to their thermal limits.
Becky Ferreira