Grand Theft Auto

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Pakistani Politician Praises Pilot for Narrow 'GTA V'

"Narrow escape of an aircraft which could have ended in a great disaster. Miraculous save by the pilot’s presence of mind."
Shamani Joshi

What Even Is an Open World Game Anymore?

It's an open question, so we're going to do what we do best: record a podcast talking about it.
Patrick Klepek
Grand Theft Auto

'GTA: Online' Hack Let Trolls Kill Gamers in Single-Player Mode

Cheaters could kill or wipe character bank accounts as long as players remain connected to Rockstar Social Club.
Ian Birnbaum

Lawyers for 'GTA: Online' Get Court Order to Search Homes of Alleged Cheat Makers

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive obtained a search warrant from an Australian court to search the homes and computers of the people allegedly behind the 'Infamous' mod menu cheat.
Karl Bode

'Grand Theft Auto' Parent Company Gets Temporary Injunction Against Cheat Seller

the parent company of Grand Theft Auto’s publisher is taking the maker of a popular cheating program to court for copyright violations.
Matthew Gault
Video Games

The 17 Best Video Games to Play High

Don't bother playing anything stoned if it's not on this list.
Beckett Mufson

Solomun Literally Becomes 'Grand Theft Auto V' in "Customer Is King" Video

The DJ's new video, the first to be shot and directed alongside Rockstar Games, brings a new storyline to the 'GTA V' world. Watch it now.
Alex Robert Ross
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This Woman Seems Pretty Chill About Flipping Her Car into a Gas Station

Holy hell.
River Donaghey

Man on LSD Caught After Stolen Car Chase Said He Thought He Was Playing 'GTA'

An Oregon man allegedly hallucinating on LSD led police on a stolen car chase straight out of GTA.
Samantha Cole

Soldier Gets DUI After Taking Cops on Insane Chase in Armored Vehicle

Police say the guy was under the influence of drugs when he took the tank-like monstrosity for a 60-mile joyride through Richmond, Virginia.
Drew Schwartz

Games Need More Power Fantasies Beyond Beefy Dudes with Big Guns

Games are many things to many people, so the easiest, broadest power fantasies don't cut it for everyone.
Cameron Kunzelman
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This Road Rage Video Is the Most South Florida Thing You'll Ever See

Miami achieves peak Miami.
Allie Conti