• 5.2.16

      Glasgow's Haggis Pakora Is More Than Just Fusion Food

      “Scots and Punjabis are very proud of their own cultures so you get both of these coming together and it’s wonderful,” says Harry Singh, Glasgow restaurant owner and co-creator of the haggis pakora.

    • 1.26.16

      Robert Burns Was a Secret Cheesemaker

      Robert Burns, the great Scotsman who revolutionised Romantic poetry and whose memory we celebrate on Burns Night, had a sideline in cheesemaking on a farm near Dumfries.

    • 11.12.15

      America, Scotland Thinks You’re Ready to Eat Lungs Now

      This week, Scotland’s rural affairs secretary will try to convince the American government to allow imports of haggis, a dish banned in the country since 1971 due to US laws prohibiting sheep lungs.

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    • 8.23.14

      MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland - Episode 5

      Charlet ends her Scottish food odyssey in Aberdeen, where a group of oil rig workers take her out and get her smashed on jelly shots the night before heading to the Highland Games.

    • 8.18.14

      MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland - Episode 1

      Welcome to Scotland! Join us on a waist-expanding journey of Irn-Bru pulled pork, Buckfast ice cream, square sausages, 3000 calorie Munchy Boxes, and dumplings made with granny's knickers.

    • 8.11.14

      MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland - Trailer

      Take a sneak peak at our MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland, where our esteemed host Charlet Duboc leads us on an intoxicating, waist-expanding, eye-opening culinary journey around Scotland.