holiday inn


2 days of the most advanced election security training just went down — at a West Virginia Holiday Inn

West Virginia's secretary of state is trying to make his state a nationwide leader in election security preparations.


This Is What a 'Female Pickup Artist' Seminar Is Actually Like

According to the organizers, "Get the Guy" is more about "personal empowerment" than picking up men. Still, when it advertises itself as teaching you "how to find, attract, and keep your ideal man," it's hard not to draw parallels.


Baseball Erotica #2: Ken Griffey Jr.

A brief encounter satisfies the complex needs of a man unable to let go of the past.


Arcangel Surfware Is the First Clothing Line Designed for Surfing the Web

Artist Cory Arcangel has made supercuts of cats on pianos playing Shoenberg, ordered pizzas with a single line of code, and hung “paintings” that were made with a single click on Photoshop. Now, he's gearing up to launch a clothing line, Arcangel...