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Hot Topic's social network: like Facebook for goths and Buzzfeed for kids who grew up eating emoji french fries and Snapchat for Americans who’ll never live in Malibu.
Kate Losse

Mall Metal, Juggalos, and Manic Panic: My Life As A Mid-2000s Hot Topic Manager

"Those were times where you had to fight for your right to dress like a jerk."
Zeena Koda
This week in music and fashion

This Week in Music and Fashion: Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Twin Shadow and More

2 Chainz goes shopping for a $25,000 straw hat.
Marissa G. Muller

Go Viral with Shop Jeen's Internet Meme Clothing

When Shop Jeen bombarded my Twitter feed with clothing patterned with Ryan Gosling’s face, I had to check it out. So I met up with the web store's founders, Erin Yogasundram and Amelia Muqbel, to talk about success and the internet.
Erica Euse

Jerry Only Files Response to Danzig's Lawsuit and Please God Let This End

Lawyer up, everybody.
Dan Ozzi

Danzig Is Suing Jerry Only for Some of that Sweet Hot Topic Money

Too much Horror Business, not enough Horror Profiting.
Dan Ozzi
come into my head

Dear Mattel, Here Is How to Make a Goth Doll

Monster High dolls are currently one of the best-selling dolls in the world. They are like Barbie’s Goth cousin—the one who buys black and white Argyle sweaters at Hot Topic and sits in the cemetery rolling her eyes in disgust at the thought of blonde...
Jen Kirkman
The Jaded Punk

The Warped Tour is Punk Rock Daycare

Here’s a surprising update on the Warped Tour: it still exists.
Dan Ozzi