hunger strike


What Does a 16-Year Hunger Strike Do to Your Body?

On Tuesday, Irom "Mengoubi" Chanu Sharmila of Manipur in northeast India ended her nearly 16-year hunger strike by licking a smudge of honey off of her hand, but what effect has the strike had on her body?
Mark Hay

Portraits of the Iranian Demonstrators Who Sewed Their Mouths Shut at the Greek-Macedonian Border

The men are protesting against the decision by Macedonian authorities to turn away those who do not come from war zones such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
Alexandros Avramidis

Protests and Hunger Strikes Are Breaking Out at Immigration Detention Centers in the UK

Anger at bad conditions and indefinite periods of detention has boiled over into widespread protest.
Ben Gelblum

The Situation on Manus Island Keeps Getting Worse

700 asylum seekers detained by Australia on Manus Island are refusing to eat. That's 67 percent of the centre's whole population.
Charlie Braithwaite

Greece Was Taken Over by Rioting Again This Weekend

Protesters gathered in honor of the 2008 killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by cops in Athens.
VICE Greece

Greek Anarchists Set Athens on Fire in Solidarity with a Hunger Striker

Thousands marched in support of an imprisoned anarchist bank robber last Tuesday night.
Anna Ninni

London’s Kurds Marched to Convince the World to Save Their Homeland from the Islamic State

The demonstrators were furious that the international community has so far seemed unconcerned with the fate of their people.
Philip Kleinfeld

An Anti-Terror Law is Inflaming Tensions in Chile's Indigenous Turf War

The legislation currently allows for the extended detention of suspects without charge and greater sentences upon conviction, as well as, most controversially, anonymous witness testimony as primary evidence.
Sam Edwards

Egypt Sentenced Three Journalists to Jail for Doing Their Job

Egyptian judges have been prone to extreme and barely explicable decisions, including throwing mass death sentences around like confetti, but when you have seen a farce happen in front of you—and that is what this trial with its guilty verdict was—it's...
Tom Dale

UK Asylum Seekers Just Held a Mass Hunger Strike in Their Detention Center

We called some of them up so that they could tell us what’s been going on in their own words. They painted a picture of horrible food, constant coldness, and a lack of access to facilities and the outside world.
James Poulter and Alan Johnson

Is the East Mediterranean the Next Front in the War on Terror?

According to a lawyer representing an alleged Turkish terrorist, the FBI has been snooping around Greece and interrogating suspected members of DHKP-C, a far-left militia. Is the US about to increase its involvement in the region?
Yiannis Baboulias

Seven Iranians Are Hunger Striking at the US Embassy in London

For three months, six women and one man have been starving themselves in the cold, subsisting on only water and sugar lumps in order to protest the killing of 52 Iranian dissidents living in Iraq's Camp Ashraf.
Murray Stassen