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In Defense of Wedge Salads, from the Father of the Writer Who Denigrated Them

We received this unsolicited opinion piece from writer Sydney Mondry's dad and it deserves to be published on VICE.


Actually, Wedge Salads Are an Abomination

Down with this vegetal doorstop.


Shrimp Po'Boys Recipe

Fried shrimp po'boys dressed with a spicy mayo, crisp lettuce, and red onions.


7-Layer Dip Recipe

7 minutes—er—layers in heaven.


This Shrimp and Spicy Mayo Po'Boy Is a Match Made in Sandwich Heaven

Loaded with tempura-fried shrimp and sriracha-lime mayo, this po' boy recipe from Commissary will make you love bread again.


This Is Why You Should Stop Eating So Much Salad

Salad greens—that is, iceberg lettuce, leaf lettuces, and the like—don’t do a damn bit of good for you nutritionally, and are also a huge waste of water and energy.


Burgers Taste Better When You've Killed the Animal Yourself

After cooking in some of San Francisco's best restaurants, I've realized that the zen of making burgers is the culinary focus that I want to master. But it wasn't until I started slaughtering my own beef that I figured out the secret.