industrial revolution

  • Four-Story Cube of Light Takes Over LA Rooftop

    We stepped inside futurist designer Heather Shaw's two-night multidimensional audio-visual installation in Los Angeles.

  • How The Industrial Revolution Ended Naps

    Believe it or not, before the Industrial Revolution, people used to take a "first sleep" and "second sleep" everyday.

  • Why Wife-Selling Was Advantageous for Wives

    An economist explains how an Industrial Revolution-era English practice isn't as bad as it sounds (even though it sounds bad).

  • The Real Drunk History

    Being gluten-free might not be as shameful as having a micro-penis or a father who is the BTK killer, but it’s close. It automatically excludes you from important things like pizza, sandwiches, and beer. When I was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant last...