Zero Context

'I'm a Poet''s most memorable lines from the week of August 21, presented with zero context.
Alex Norcia
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Woman Livestreamed the Aftermath of Her Boyfriend's Police Shooting

Philando Castile's girlfriend livestreamed the aftermath of his ultimately fatal shooting at the hands of Minnesota cops.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

All Superheroes Need Suits of Armor Now, Says the New ‘Injustice 2’ Trailer

The Batman versus Superman versus the Flash versus Aquaman versus who gives a shit fighter is out in 2017.
Mike Diver

Why the UK's Medical Inquest System Needs Fixing

A close look at the convoluted process that results when someone dies in the care of the government-run health care system.
Elaine Allaby

Catching Up with Damien Echols, Former Death Row Inmate and a Member of the West Memphis Three

More than 20 years ago, Echols and two of his friends were convicted of the "satanic" murders of three eight-year-old boys. It took 18 years and a long legal battle to set them free.
Daniel Dylan Wray

Why Has This Immigrant Been in Jail for 900 Days if He's Not Being Charged with Anything?

In 2012, Benito Vasquez-Hernandez was picked up in California and taken to Oregon to testify against his son in a murder case. He's still there.
Mike Pearl
Dear Artists

How to Change the World Through Art (or Not)

Comedian and artist Casey Jane Ellison has some thoughts on the art world, and how <i>you</i> can change the world through your art... or your photoshopped nudes.
Casey Jane Ellison
Bad Cop Blotter

We Need to Stop Trusting the Police

A pair of cops who were caught <i>on video</i> mercilessly beating Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man who died of his injuries, were acquitted of all charges last week. Was that because too many people still think of the police as the good guys?
Lucy Steigerwald

The World's Most Depressing Museum Is in Iraq, of Course

Most cities have monuments to the past, so it seems appropriate, given the bloody history of Iraqi Kurdistan, that Sulaymaniyah's main tourist attraction is a museum devoted to documenting torture and injustice.
Orlando Crowcroft

I Got Kicked Out of America for Having a Guitar

US officials interrogated me for hours, strip-searched me, and eventually put me on a plane back to Europe, all because they suspected me of secretly being a professional musician.
Johannes Niederhauser

Prisoner Sent to Solitary for Having "Copious Amounts of Anarchist Publications"

Illinois inmate Mark "Migs" Neiweem got put in a tiny cell with a white supremacist, all because he wrote stuff like, "Love + Peace + Equality = Anarchism."
Will Potter

My Life as a Convicted Gun Offender Who Did Nothing Wrong

I served four months in prison because police found legally owned unloaded guns in my car, and only went free thanks to an executive order from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I'm still barred from seeing my son or living a normal life.
Brian D. Aitken