How to Write a Best-Selling Feminist Book

With all these empowering books on the literary market, two millennial girl bosses are sharing their guide to bringing modern feminism to the masses.
Hannah Ewens
Bertie Brandes
women’s history

The Black Feminist Who Argued for Intersectionality Before the Term Existed

In the late 1800's, scholar Anna Julia Cooper was already calling attention to the fact that Black women face a unique set of struggles due to overlapping racism and sexism.
Naomi Extra
Rise Up

Florynce Kennedy Is an Intersectional Feminist Hero Worth Honoring During Black History Month

As an advocate for women and people of color, Florynce Kennedy fought for the rights of marginalized communities and empowered underprivileged Americans.
Aaron Barksdale
Black Women Making History

Essayist Morgan Jerkins on Intersectionality and Her Remarkable New Book

Jerkins talks about her insightful new essay collection 'This Will Be My Undoing.'
Hope Reese
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One Year Later, Eyes Are on Women’s March to Fix What it Got Wrong Last Time

Last year the Women's March co-chairs emphasized intersectionality, and this year everyone must be on the same page when it comes to what inclusion looks like.
Kimberley Richards

For the Women's March to Succeed, People of Color and the LGBTQ Community Must Have Full Seats at the Table

If we are truly committed to advancing a future that includes everyone we should prioritize the voices of those who have been historically unheard.
Blair Imani

What the Failures of a Feminist Bookstore Can Teach Us About Intersectionality

Brooklyn's now defunct Troll Hole was a zine and sex shop located in the corner of a busy laundromat. But it rarely attracted the women washing their clothes on the other side of its glittery, purple curtain.
Gabrielle Bruney

This Coworking Space Helps Startups Achieve Their Missions for Social Good

The Centre for Social Innovation is like a Russian nesting doll of social impact movements.
Eric Kingrea

When Creatives and Do-Gooders Come Together, Big Things Can Happen

The second annual Likeminds conference brought together the creative class for the goal of social good.
Zach Pollakoff

This Activist Uses Spoken Word Performances to Educate People on Climate Change

Eco-conscious spoken word activist Prince Ea tells VICE Impact about using his platform to educate people about climate change through art.
Kastalia Medrano
Livable Planet

Avoiding Mass Extinction Was the Goal of This Music and Climate Festival

Thought leaders in education, business, environmentalism, technology, and policy convened at Creating Equilibrium to come up with actionable solutions to the world's worst problems.
Kastalia Medrano
Rise Up

Bay Li of The Skins Has an Encouraging Message to Share for Young Activists

The lead singer of the Skins chatted with us about rebel youth, music and activism.
Aaron Barksdale