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The 'Freedom Fries' Congressman Is Now an Anti-War Crusader

The strange story behind the stupidest moment of the Iraq War debate.
Eve Peyser

David Frum Is a Political Party of One

The famous Never Trumper thinks conservatism is "obsolete," but will Republicans listen to him?
Eve Peyser
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George W. Bush Bashing Trump's 'Cruelty' Is Hypocritical Bullshit

The former president denounced the current commander in chief, but we shouldn't ignore his own bloodstained record.
Eve Peyser
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Chelsea Manning Leaks Barely Affected US, Classified Report Says

"Disclosure of the Iraq data set will have no direct personal impact on current and former US leadership in Iraq," the report states.
Drew Schwartz

Death of Iranian Ex-president Rafsanjani Deals Blow to Nation’s Moderates

Former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani died at the age of 82 on Sunday, leaving the country’s moderates without an important and longstanding voice.
Tess Owen
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Ex-Republican Muslims Explain Why They Left the Party Behind

"When I go to the Muslim community I don't feel like I'm totally embraced because I'm a Republican, and when I hang out with Republicans I don't feel like I fit in there."
Luke Winkie

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, a man was shot and killed by police during a routine traffic stop in Minnesota, Attorney General Loretta Lynch closed the case on Hillary Clinton's private email server, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling sparks protests in Louisiana, a new Iraq war report criticizes Tony Blair's role, Snoop Dogg will headline the Democratic National Convention concert, and more.
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Afghan Translators Who Helped the US Military Could Lose Their Shot at a Visa

A specialty visa program that helps Afghan translators who worked with the US military might not get renewed, leaving thousands without their promised reward.
Ted Hesson

What It’s Like to Be an Iraq War Veteran on Veterans Day

From fielding questions from his six-year-old son about Veterans Day to speaking to an auditorium full of college kids, Iraq war veteran Colby Buzzell has made the rounds.
Colby Buzzell

How an Encounter with a Drunk Neo-Nazi Made Me Rethink My Pacifism

If I won't fight a goose-stepping Nazi, have I broken some kind of societal code?
Jordan Foisy

My Life Driving Uber as an Iraq War Veteran with PTSD

I took this job to escape loneliness, to give myself something to do, but I find myself more alone than ever.
Colby Buzzell