To Hell And Back

How A New York Hardcore Show Reminded Me Not to Forget My Roots

Seeing Minority Threat in Brooklyn took me back to my years as a reluctant Jersey hardcore kid (plus dope tunes from Terminal Nation, Sick Shit, Space Vacation, and more).
Kim Kelly
true crime

A Guide to New Jersey's Most Colorful Real-Life Mobsters

OK, so some of them may have been caught on tape comparing themselves to 'The Sopranos'.
Seth Ferranti
Zero Context

'I Think Jesus Would Be a Juggalo''s most memorable lines from the week of August 14, presented with zero context.
Alex Norcia
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DJ Haram's Mix for Chromat Electrifies and Soothes at the Same Time

The NYC fashion brand's runway show for their Fall/Winter 2017 collection took place on Friday.
Alexander Iadarola

MMA Helped Mo Wilkerson Become the Highest Paid DE in the NFL

Mo Wilkerson is still looking for ways to cause headaches for NFL offenses. As if being a Pro Bowler wasn't enough, Mo has now taken up MMA to be quicker with his hands and feet.
VICE Sports
Channel islands

This Couple Lives Your Dream of Running a Tiny Cafe on the Seaside

“You arrive at half seven in a morning, the tide is perfectly calm. I think about the fact I used to take the Tube for over an hour to get to work.”
Robbie Wojciechowski

PREMIERE: Death Vacation's 'Bones Grow Cold' Is a White-Hot Hardcore Punk Rager

The NJ/NY quartet's snarling, vitriolic take on hardcore is firmly rooted in grindcore and crust—punk to the bone, but far beyond basic.
Kim Kelly

Canadiens Fan Angry Over Subban Trade Writes Goodbye Letter on Jersey

But, being the polite (likely)​ Canadian that Julie is, the note actually reads as pretty factual, and even includes well wishes for Subban with the Predators.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Shady Law Firm at Heart of Panama Papers Closes up Shop in Offshore Tax Havens

Mossack Fonseca said in a statement that the closures in Jersey, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar were part of a company strategy to "consolidate our service office network."
Tess Owen

The Rich Bastard's Guide to Choosing Which Tax Haven Is Right For You

Muscle in on some of that sweet, tax-free action with our friendly user guide.
Gavin Haynes
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Jersey Club King DJ Sliink Has Come Through With a Guest Mix Featuring Kanye West and Rihanna Reworks

We've also got the pioneer in conversation with cohort Nadus.

Messi Receives Steph Curry's Signed Jersey, Immediately Playfully Subtle-Disses Him

World class diss from a world class player.
Liam Daniel Pierce