JR Smith


The Most Amazing Moments from the Cleveland Browns' First Win Since 2016

A possum and a shirtless J.R. Smith in the stands. Baker Mayfield's NFL debut. Free Bud Light for the city of Cleveland after beating the Jets. It was a spectacular night.


Sterling Brown Lawsuit Reveals Racist Facebook Memes from Cops

The Milwaukee Bucks rookie has filed a civil rights suit against the City of Milwaukee, alleging police violated the equal protection clause, used excessive force, and unlawfully arrested him.


Watch LeBron Stew in Silent Agony Next to J.R. Smith on Bench After Game 1 Fiasco

LeBron could not bring himself to even look at J.R. while the two sat next to each other for what feels like an eternity.


LeBron Walks Out of Post Game Press Conference After J.R. Smith Questions

The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a brutal loss against the Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, despite LeBron's heroics.


What's The Worst Soup To Have Thrown At You?

As Princess Nokia and J.R. Smith have demonstrated, when the soup's flying 'round you best get to lying down.


What Kind of Soup Did J.R. Smith Throw?

The Cleveland Cavaliers suspended J.R. Smith one game Thursday for conduct detrimental to the team. Turns out he threw some soup at assistant coach Damon Jones.


NBA Dunk of the Week: J.R. Smith and the Eternal Shame of Being Austin Rivers

It was a colossal fuck-up by the entire Clippers defense, but Austin Rivers shoulders the blame—as he probably should.


NBA Summer Vacation Watch: Summer Will Prevail

There's a lot of shit going on, but there is also NBA Summer Vacation, which is decidedly not shit.


J.R. Smith's Twitter Feed After Brutal Loss: "Cavs in 7"

The tweet was promptly deleted and J.R. said someone hacked his account, but "I like the way he's thinking."


How the Cavs Will Try to Contain Raptors' DeRozan

Toronto's All-Star guard can expect Cleveland to throw different looks at him on the defensive end. How he responds will go a long way in shaping his playoff reputation.


Iman Shumpert Is the Brightest Spot on Cleveland's Struggling Defense

Coming into the playoffs, people wondered if Cleveland could flip the switch on their struggling defense. It's not looking good after two games, but there's hope.


Kenyon Martin Drops Mic on George Karl's Stupid "Not Having Fathers" Comment

George Karl wrote a dumb-ass book and went scorched earth on the star players he coached.