Trump Stuck El Paso with a $470,000 Bill. Local Lawmakers Don’t Want Him Coming Back.

Local officials aren’t happy about the prospect of another visit from the president in the wake of Saturday’s mass shooting.


Drug Cartels Are Preying on Migrants Stuck in Mexico

“I’m scared ... because I didn’t accept their offer, they are going to retaliate against me and my family”


Mexico Is Now Trapping Migrants Before They Can Even Reach the US Border

'We were locked inside as if we were in a jail,' one migrant said of his experience at a shelter.


A Punk Musician from Ciudad Juárez Is Redefining Vegan Mexican Food

“I think of this business as a bridge for people to relate to the same things they grew up eating, but without the meat."


Is This English Seaside Town Really 'Worse Than Syria'?

We took a trip there to figure out if the resort town belongs on the '11 Worst Travel Destinations' list.


El Chapo Has Been Moved to a Prison on the Border With the United States

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's predawn transfer to the border comes amid reports of imminent extradition that have been refuted by his lawyer.


Life After Death in Juarez: Soccer Returns to a City Damaged by Narco Violence

Several years ago, economic and safety concerns doomed Ciudad Juárez's soccer team Los Indios. Now Juárez, once considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, has a new team and renewed hope.


How One Family's Drug Trafficking, Kidnapping, and Murder Charges Turned a Texas Teacher Fugitive

Monica Velsaco allegedly helped manage her family’s criminal ring, which prosecutors say smuggled “huge quantities” of marijuana into the US, kidnapped victims for ransom, and ripped off rival traffickers to sell their stolen drugs.


Photos of Everything but the Pope at a Papal Mass Near the Mexican Border

On February 17, as the Pope visited the border region of El Paso-Ciudad Juárez before returning to Rome, I shot a papal mass. My goal was to concentrate on the feeling of the day and not on the man who came into town.


Mexicans Hope the Pope's Visit Brings Relief from the Cartel Wars

We talked to people in the former "murder capital" of Juarez about Pope Francis's tough talk on cartel violence ahead of his speech there Wednesday.


This Texan Jew Is Bringing Kosher Tacos to the Border

Some of the Crypto-Jews who were forcibly converted to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisition fled to the high desert reaches, including El Paso and Texas-Juárez.


Photographing Cocaine's Journey from the Fields to Nostrils Around the World

Carlos Villalón's upcoming book, 'Coca: The Lost War,' follows the coca plant from the fields of Colombia to the murders of Mexico.