11 hours ago

Every Single State Except for Alaska Has Now Reported Vaping Illnesses

That brings the number of cases up to nearly 1,500.

a day ago

JUUL Just Abandoned a Bunch of Its Own Products

On Thursday, the powerhouse announced—yet again—that it was scaling back amid a national panic. Here's what it means for you.

2 days ago

Vape Hysteria Won't Take Your Legal Weed Vape Away

The cannabis industry is spooked, but mostly experiencing "a huge sense of relief."

3 days ago

JUUL Is Facing a New Lawsuit from a Dead Teen's Mother

"We anticipated this being the next big thing," one lawyer on the case said.

3 days ago

A Running List of US Cities and States Where Vapes Are Banned

Politicians are panicked in a state near you.


Panic-Driven Vape Bans Just Hit Their First Roadblock

Advocates expected a court ruling to help stem the tide of War on Drugs-style regulation across the country.


Get Ready for JUUL's Grassroots Rebrand

"It sounds like JUUL just outsourced reaching out to their actual, adult customers to see if they'd be willing to advocate."


Wanna Quit Vaping? There's An App For That

A new program in Washington treats quitting vaping like its own problem.


JUUL Finally Admits That It's Just Another Drug

By dropping its "Make the Switch" slogan, the company pivots away from framing itself as an anti-smoking aid.


The CEO of JUUL Just Stepped Down and Cigarette Companies Are Loving It

"At this point, it's very evident to me that what's happening is the vaping market is being taken over by Big Tobacco," one expert said.


Doctors Haven't Been Asking If You Vape. But They're About To Start

People who vape don't check the "smoker" box on forms, and doctors are realizing they haven't been tracking their patients' habits.


Big Tobacco Will Take Advantage of the Mysterious Vaping Illness

Altria has already used the vape lung panic to install one of its executives as the CEO of Juul.