Kindergarten Welcomes Kids Back to School with a Professional Pole Dancer

A warm back-to-school welcome, indeed.


The Vice News Guide to the World — Week of November 20

Parents have been protesting outside the kindergarten in Beijing’s upscale Chaoyang district since claims emerged that the toddlers of at least eight parents had been molested, fed pills and given injections.


Study Reveals Kids Are Being Assigned Too Much Homework

A new study shows that a child's typical homework load ridiculously exceeds the amount recommended by experts.


Anarchy in the Pre-K: Teaching Capitalist Ideals to Four-Year-Olds Through Punk

From coloring books to the teachings of Crass, an Oklahoma school teacher on being punk at an early age. Way early.


The Nonviolent Palestinian Activists Working for Peace in the West Bank

Issa Amro wants to teach young Palestinians to peacefully challenge the Israeli occupation and build communities. Can his work overcome decades of violence and strife?


Popeska's "Heart of Glass" featuring Denny White Gets All Emotionary On Us

On your sleeve or in your hand, this clip gives you the feels on this crossover-ready tune