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Rap's Rogue Gynecologist Dr. Octagon Is Back From Outer Space

After 22 years and with the help of collaborators Qbert and Dan the Automator, Kool Keith has again donned the Dr. Octagon persona for a new album.
Phillip Mlynar
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on Fat Tony's Realism and an Abundance of Mello Music

The Dean of American Rock Critics reviews the Houston rapper's latest, and four Mello records helmed by the prolific L'Orange.
Robert Christgau

Let Kool Keith's Dr. Octagon Cure What Ails You

We talked to the rapper about moosebumps, rectal bees, and all the strange conditions he rapped about as Dr. Octagon on 'Dr. Octagonecologyst.'
Phillip Mlynar

Kool Keith Is Taking 'Mind Steroids' with a Side of Ketchup

We chatted with the cult rapper, who has been busy directing porn, designing a clothing line for strippers, and filming a web series with George Clinton.
Zach Sokol

Meet Prince Metropolis Known, Your New Favorite Rapper Who Thinks He's a Lion

The Bronx's weirdest rapper speaks on his tutelage under Kool Keith, his album-length Bill O'Reilly diss, and his on-again, off-again beef with Troy Ave.
Jeff Weiss
Noisey Blog

The Kool Keith Show Will Make You 'WTF' Like Never Before

The rap genius word associates Chinese food and a New England state.
Reuben Fidock
Pen Pals

Rap Was My Lifeline in Prison

I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours rapping, talking about rap, and listening to cassette tapes when I was an inmate. Without Ol' Dirty Bastard, Kool Keith, and Bootsy Collins, I really would have gone insane.
Bert Burykill
New music

Here's an Exclusive Stream of TOKiMONSTA's New Album, 'Half Shadows'

From dirty house to soft, heart-melting soundscapes, Jennifer Lee's crafted something for everyone.