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You Can Soon Buy Kurt Cobain’s Dirty, Smelly Cardigan From ‘MTV Unplugged’

...For the low, low price of a down payment on a house.


Listen to a New Remix of R.E.M.’s Kurt Cobain Tribute Song 'Let Me In'

R.E.M.'s Mike Mills talks to VICE about the upcoming reissue of the band's 1995 album, 'Monster,' out November 1 as a part of a big box set.


What We Lost When We Lost Daniel Johnston

The songwriter brought outsider sensibilities into his music, childlike weirdness into his art, and an earnestness that we desperately needed into the world at large.


The Reagan “President” Quote that Trump Tweeted Isn't Real

No, Ronald Reagan did not predict Donald Trump’s presidency.


A Dirty Paper Plate Used by Kurt Cobain Just Sold for $22,400

After eating pizza off the plate, Cobain used it to write the setlist for a Nirvana show in 1990.


Fire Destroys Aberdeen Museum of History, Home to Kurt Cobain Exhibit

The fire broke out Saturday morning at the Armory Building in the center of Cobain's hometown. How much might be salvaged remains unclear.


Stephen Malkmus and Kim Gordon Have a Country-Pop Song, Y'All

"Refute," taken from Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks' new album 'Sparkle Hard,' is a twangy pop song that keeps a little jaggedness.


Hole's Drummer Shares Her Brutally Honest Tale of 90s Grunge and Addiction

We spoke to Patty Schemel about her new memoir, 'Hit So Hard,' her addiction to heroin, and her grief over lost friends.


The Foo Fighters Pub Will Melt Your Ice-Cold Heart

I went to the merch-filled London boozer and their fans are just so nice, dammit.


Kurt Cobain Was Also a Brilliant Visual Artist

The Seattle Art Fair's exhibition offered a thrilling glimpse at the late Nirvana frontman's other artistic pursuits.


Courtney Love Is Way More of a Pioneer than People Still Like to Admit

Once you scrub away the venom projected onto her, you're left with a string of undeniably influential albums.


A Gifted Painter Fills Canvases With Whatever He Wants, Including Dog Poop

Todd Bienvenu’s “Endless Bummer” does for the summer of ’96 what Brian Adams did for ’69.