What It's Like to Make a Military Shooter About Humanitarian Law

'Arma III' developers worked with the Red Cross to teach players about the real details of war most video games never touch.


A Belgian Nonprofit Is Using Giant Rats to Sniff Out Landmines

Trained to detect the smell of TNT, the rats have cleared over 13,000 landmines so far.


Bombs Abandoned by Boko Haram Kill 63 in Nigeria

The explosion killed dozens in northern Nigeria, a day after the US announced that they would give $5 million to fund a new multi-national taskforce to fight the extreme Islamic militant group.


Joining Cambodia's Underwater Bomb Squad on their First Live Disposal Mission

Unexploded bombs from the Vietnam War still litter Cambodia's countryside. VICE News took a trip on the Mekong River to see a live US explosive being delicately lifted from the murky water.


Visiting Seoul's Artificial Limb District

There's a street in the Garwol-dong neighborhood lined with shops selling handcrafted prosthetic arms, legs, toes, fingers, eyes, breasts, lips, and every other body part imaginable.


Chile Is Still Littered with a Dictator's Unexploded Landmines

Augusto Pinochet left more than 100,000 landmines behind, and it's taking forever to dig them up.


Haunting Photos of Bosnia's Never-Ending Land Mine and Flooding Problem

Earlier this year, Bosnia experienced massive flooding, and as a result land mines that had been dormant for almost two decades slid into towns, disguised under a layer of wet, dark earth.


Mines and Mass Graves in Bosnia

An estimated 120,000 landmines still litter the Bosnian countryside since the end of the war there in 1995, making daily life a challenge for hundreds of thousands of people.


The Sahara's Forgotten War (Part 5)

VICE News goes to Tifariti, a city in the liberated territories.


Balkan Floods Are Bringing Fears of Bosnian War Landmines Resurfacing

The worst floods to hit Serbia and Bosnia in decades left thousands homeless and threaten to inundate a major power plant.


Communities Full of Land Mines Are Rejecting Land-Mine Removal

Which is a tragedy, because getting rid of things that explode people indiscriminately should be one of the world's more uncontroversial aid projects.