Laverne Cox


Opinion: Pride Has Betrayed Us

Trans women of color were being murdered before the gay rights movement, and are still being murdered today. Pride has never paid attention.


More Hollywood Liberals Should Be Showing Support for the Trans Community

LGBTQ celebs and close allies carried the weight of high-profile responses to a potential anti-trans proposal amid calls for solidarity in the first week of protest.


What Trans Folks Think About Trans Representation in Film and TV

Most of the auditions I get, the first two lines of the script are, "I had a penis. I used to be a man."


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall, Spain suspects planned to bomb famous sites, US sanctions Chinese and Russians over North Korea, and more.


Dispelling the Harmful Belief that Trans Women Grow Up as Men

Trans women and gender scholars respond to controversial comments made by author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


This acting coach is helping trans actors be themselves

His approach? Get students to stop acting.


Why Teen Magazines Have Gone Queer

Editors are making efforts to include LGBTQ diversity in their pages and websites in an age where fewer readers are heterosexual than ever before.


We Lost Two Trans Heroes This Past Week

The Lady Chablis and Alexis Arquette refused to hide their trans identities while living in the public eye, and for that, we owe each a great debt.


Russell Brand Is Paying for Your Pride Mural Selfies

A selfie in front of the #poweredbypride mural earns a $1 donation to LGBTQ charities The Pillion Trust and Hetrick-Martin Institute.


I’m Proud of Being Trans, and I Don’t Care About Passing

A few months ago, sitting on a tram at lunchtime, I noticed a young girl staring at me with her mouth wide open. Staring back I thought: There's nothing like the puzzled look of a child on public transport to tell you you're not passing.


What We Learned About Trans Culture in 2014

All in all, it was a great year for the trans cause.