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'Limitless Africans' Is a Stunning Snapshot of LGBTQ African Immigrant Lives

Photographer Mikael Owunna's series started as a personal journey of seeking community.


Warren’s Got Jokes and Cuomo Doesn’t: What You Missed from the Democrats’ LGBTQ Town Hall

Buttigieg talked about what it's like to run a blood drive when you're legally barred from donating blood. Biden talked about... bathhouses?


Why Even Straight People Should Be Watching the LGBTQ Presidential Forum

Warren, Buttigieg, Biden, and the rest of the top candidates will make their case to LGBTQ voters and their allies.


Emotional Photos From Outside the First Trans Rights Supreme Court Case Ever

As the Supreme Court heard three cases that could change gay and trans rights forever, LGBTQ people and allies flooded the steps with signs of support. Photographer Justin J. Wee was there to document.


How to Have Ethical Sex With Strangers on Vacation

People vacationing specifically to bone are younger and queerer than ever before—and they're changing what it means to ethically travel while horny.


What Went on at the Most Important SCOTUS Cases in LGBTQ Rights This Year

Support for the biggest LGBTQ Supreme Court cases since marriage equality was palpable in D.C. today.


Workplace Discrimination Is a Major Mental Health Issue for LGBTQ People

A trio of cases concerning LGBTQ employment rights are heading to the Supreme Court this week. Workers' livelihoods—and actual lives—are on the line.


Julián Castro Tried to Get 12 Migrants out of the 'Remain in Mexico' Program. They Were All Turned Away.

DHS has said people from “vulnerable populations” can be removed from the program on a “case-by-case basis.” Not this time.


The Supreme Court Will Judge Employers' Shady Excuses for Firing LGBTQ People

Three major cases headed to the Supreme Court tomorrow could finally make it illegal to discriminate against LGBTQ people in all 50 states.


The UK Insists: If You Give Birth You're a Mother, Even If You're a Man

After Freddy McConnell, a trans man, gave birth, the U.K. government insisted that even though he is legally a man, he must be listed as the child's mother. Do we need to explain why that's dumb?


Here’s Yet Another Reason Why HIV-Preventing PrEP Should Be Free

Black and Latino men who have sex with men are less likely to get a prescription for the drug, which reduces HIV transmission by 99%.