New Trump Rule Would Let Many Companies Fire People for Being Pregnant, Gay, or Trans

Employers with federal contracts may be allowed to effectively discriminate against workers based on the employer’s religious beliefs.
Susan Rinkunas
2 days ago
White nationlism

Neo-Nazi Accused of Plotting Bombings Wanted to Recruit Middle Schoolers, Chats Reveal

The FBI arrested Conor Climo late last week, but he'd been on law enforcement radar since April.
Tess Owen
3 days ago

The Exhausting Work of LGBTQ Code-Switching

Queer, trans, and non-binary people have to do the extra work of changing how they speak, act and express themselves in everyday spaces.
Madeleine Holden

The Trans Character in the 'Rocko's Modern Life' Reboot Is a Huge Step Forward

Netflix's film reboot of the Nickelodeon show is sending a signal to the rest of the industry about what modern life should really look like.
Taylor Hosking
sex work

Banks Have the Power to Ruin Your Sex Life

When perfectly legal businesses are blocked from actually making money by banks and services like PayPal, our cultural acceptance of sex is pushed further into the fringes.
Diana Hubbell

12 Reasons It Should Be Illegal for Doctors Not to Treat Trans People

"I could be denied critical, necessary, and immediate medical care that could leave me permanently injured or even dead."
Diana Tourjée
sex and relationships

A Definitive Guide to Getting Into Strap-Ons

Here's everything to consider, whether you're young and queer and looking for new ways to have sex or interested in pegging your boyfriend.
Daisy Jones

Transgender Women Explain What It's Like When They Don't 'Look Trans'

When women don't visibly scan as transgender, it can feel affirming, dangerous, and totally unremarkable, all at once.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

The Killing of Trans Women Is Inseparable from Black Lives Matter

We know of 12 trans people murdered this year. All of them have been Black women.
Diana Tourjée

Tinder Used to Expose Queer Travelers to Danger—Now It's Trying to Stop

The app is adding the feature to nearly 70 countries.
Anna Iovine
trans murders

Denali Stuckey Is the 12th Trans Woman of Color Killed in the U.S. This Year

Only 42 percent of investigations into the murders of trans people result in an arrest
Trone Dowd

In 26 States, You Can Still Get Fired for Being Trans

Half of LGBTQ Americans live in states where they're at risk of being fired for their identity.
Diana Tourjée