Liz West


Rainbow Artist Liz West Wants You to Design Your Own Color Wheel

Known for her immersive rainbow installations, West gathered unique takes from artists and non-artists alike in order to research how we perceive color differently.


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Liz West, Nonotak, Moment Factory, and Jeremy Couillard promised us magical experiences this year, and didn’t disappoint.


Futuristic Rainbow Chandelier Lights Up an 1840s Theatre

Light artist Liz West rejuvenates a centuries-old space with seven colors.


Rainbows Fill a 500-Year-Old Mansion

Colored glass and mirrors electrify the eccentric architecture of Little Moreton Hall in Liz West's latest installation.


Lose Yourself Inside a 10,000-Square-Foot Rainbow

A new light installation in Bristol transforms an office building into a work of art.


A Glowing Hall of Rainbows Samples Nature's Best Colors

Inspired by color theory and specimens from the Natural History Museum in London, Liz West's 'Our Spectral Vision' installation bursts with light.


Artist Floods a Former Cathedral with Rainbows

Over 700 colored mirrors create a miraculous effect in Liz West's latest installation.


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On the horizon: meditative installations, jarring VR stunts and illuminating public art.


Brighten Your Winter With a Trip Through this Rainbow Prism

Liz West wants you to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.


This Mirrored Rainbow Room Is a Playground for Light

Liz West turns the rainbow on its head in her new installation, 'An Additive Mix."


Step Inside A 5,000 Square Foot Rainbow

T8 fluorescent bulbs and cellulose gels created this installation's chromatic effect.