me too

me too

How the Hell Did the Brock Turner Judge Get a Job as a Girls Tennis Coach? This Community Wants Answers

Judge Persky was recalled after giving the sexual assailant six months in jail. A community just pushed him out of his new gig.
Carter Sherman

Lena Waithe Discusses the Difficulty of Losing Black Heroes in the #MeToo Era

An upcoming episode of her show 'Boomerang' tackles complex debates in the black community around fallen icons like Bill Cosby.
Taylor Hosking
me too

States are trying to make it harder for men like Trump and Weinstein to silence women

Legislators from at least 12 states introduced bills this year to curb the use of nondisclosure agreements in cases of workplace sexual misconduct or discrimination.
Carter Sherman

After Her Assault Went Viral, Marie Laguerre Turned the Tables on Her Abuser

French student Marie Laguerre was walking home last summer when she was violently assaulted outside a Paris cafe. After CCTV footage of the attack went viral, Laguerre used her platform to educate others on the violence faced by women worldwide.
Ruchira Sharma

Comedian Rose Matafeo Is More Than Your 'Ethnically Ambiguous Sassy Best Friend'

Rising star Rose Matafeo recently won one of comedy's biggest prizes for her show "Horndog." We talked about love, life, and the sexual politics of the wider industry.
Michael Segalov

Will Hollywood Listen to GLAAD's Bold Stand Against Bryan Singer?

Eyeball emojis for days.
Taylor Hosking
sexual assault

Las Vegas police want a DNA sample from Cristiano Ronaldo for a rape investigation

He could even be extradited and faces charges in the U.S.
Emma Ockerman
sexual assault

Yes, Harvey Weinstein is still going to trial for sexual assault

His lawyers tried to argue that the case against Weinstein was “irreparably tainted.”
Miranda Levingston
me too

Geoffrey Rush Accused of Using a Mirror to Watch His Co-Star Shower

In a new interview, "Orange Is the New Black" actress Yael Stone accused Geoffrey Rush of committing sexual misconduct when the two starred in a 2010 theater production.
Sirin Kale

Megan Fox Explains Why She Didn't Participate in #MeToo

In an interview on the New York Times, Megan Fox opened up about why she hasn't shared her own #MeToo stories with the world.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
To Hell And Back

Heavy Metal Can Help You Survive Anything

Or, how riffs can help us cope in a post-Kavanaugh world (plus new tunes from Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Iron Reagan, Cloud Rat, and more).
Kim Kelly

#MeToo, a Movement Reliant on Reporting, Reveals the Limits of Journalism

Because of legal obligations, writing—and reading—journalism about #MeToo means suspending belief in people who come forward about sexual assault.
Sadie Graham