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Microdosing Testosterone Can Completely Change Non-Binary Lives

"I knew I was non-binary, but I was afraid to tell my doctor I didn't want to fully transition from female to male. I thought finding an in-between wasn't allowed."
VICE Staff

Rats Appear Less Anxious After Microdosing DMT, Scientists Find

But the powerful psychedelic drug still needs “much more research.”
Sarah Emerson
This Week in Science

Having Frequent, Terrifying Dreams Could Mean You Have Nightmare Disorder

This week in science: A lot of people don't feel much when they take CBD, the effects of microdosing, and what goes on in the brains of people with nightmare disorder.
Shayla Love

I Ate Psychedelic Mushrooms to Treat My Postpartum Depression

"Project Baby—My First Year As a Less Than Perfect Mother" author Julie Ugleholdt says that microdosing shrooms helped her mental health.
Maria Brus Pedersen
Fighting Words

Only White People Can Get Away With the Microdosing Trend

Americans have been increasingly vocal about the potential benefits of psychedelics. But there are few, if any, black voices contributing the conversation. Why?
Carmen Chandler
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

Going Underground

The resurgence in clinical trials into the effectiveness of LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin in treating depression and trauma has received widespread publicity. But outside the labs, regular people are taking psychedelic therapy into their own hands.
Jenny Valentish
mental health

Here's What MDMA Did for My Anxiety That Meds Couldn't

"I don’t have an opinion on what anyone else should do, but numbing the fear was not the answer for me."
Suzannah Weiss
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Moms Who Microdose with Marijuana

We talk about the stigmatized trend on this episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast.'
VICE Staff
drug research

The Psychologist Leading a Psychedelic Research Revolution

James Fadiman is legitimizing research into psychedelic microdosing.
Daniel Oberhaus
Parental Advisory

It’s Fine to Be a Mom Who Uses Edibles, as Long as You’re White

The moms-who-microdose trend "reeks of white privilege."
Sarah Bregel
The High Life

LSD's Health Benefits Convince Norway to Relax Punishment For Possession

While America continues to resist.
Zachary Siegel

Is microdosing the future of marijuana?

Keegan Hamilton
Oliver Noble