Live Film Performance Combines Opera, Video Games, and Russian Architecture

The Russian artist Anton Ginzburg experiments with notions of the past.


How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Shift

Baseball's governing grumps have decided that defensive shifts are a problem. But maybe this is just the game changing with the times. Let's enjoy that, for once.


Enter an Electric Vortex of Smartphone-Captured Light Paintings

A stunning new series from photographer Keow Wee Loong sets out to document "the feeling of being of being one with the speed of light."


@Seinfeld2000's Guide to 'Seinfeld' Coming to Hulu

Imagen if Senfeld was still on TV. OK now imagen Senfled is streaming on Hulu.


A Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Douglas Coupland, and Shumon Basar

We talked to the curator, author, and writer about their new philosophy book "The Age of Earthquakes," FKA Twigs, and Generation Z's perception of time.


Internet Psychologists Study How the Web Affects Us (and Make You Click 'Buy')

The relatively new but increasingly important field.


All Music Should Be as Weird as Hot Nerds' 'Room One Flatulator'

The band's spastic, demented, synth-heavy sound encapsulates all the insanity that is 2015.


Jeter Ties Wagner, Dewey Defeats Truman

Derek Jeter and Honus Wagner played the same position, but not the same game.