Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Be Able To Fix Your Things

The VICE Guide to Right Now goes inside the right to repair movement.


Waypoint Radio Wants a Better Kind of Dystopia

Starting with the eradication of any future Mario Maker video games.


Bernie Sanders Calls for a National Right-to-Repair Law for Farmers

Sanders becomes the third presidential candidate to say that farmers should have the ability to fix their own tractors.


Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Selling Customers’ Location Data

The lawsuits come after a Motherboard investigation showed AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile sold phone location data that ended up with bounty hunters, and The New York Times covered an instance of Verizon selling data.


Someone Is Hacking GitHub Repositories and Holding Code Ransom

Hackers are trying a novel approach to extort developers of some money.


Right to Repair Bill Killed After Big Tech Lobbying In Ontario

The bill would have been the first in North America to empower average people to repair their own devices.


Kazakhstan's President Needs to Go Easy on the Photoshopping

Before and after photos of Qasym-Zhomart Tokayev suggest the interim president’s appearance has been beautified.


Scientists Stored This Famous Japanese Painting in Protein Molecules

According to researchers, using this method, the entire contents of the New York Public Library could be stored within a teaspoon of protein molecules.


Canadian Banks and Telecoms Are Collaborating on a Digital ID System

Verified.Me will allow people to consent to an institution sharing their data to verify their identity or access services.


Origin Story

Give us a hero, the people said. So for everyone's sake, the genius tried.


This Preserved Millipede Lived 99 Million Years Ago Alongside Dinosaurs

The millipede is only 8.2 millimeters long, making it an “an extreme case of miniaturization.”


Xbox Has New Guidelines on How to Talk Trash Without Getting Banned

Microsoft's new community standards say Xbox gamers should trash talk by saying, "That was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked."