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The National Science Foundation Completely Took Down Its Website During Government Shutdown

“Due to the lapse in government funding, National Science Foundation websites will be unavailable until further notice.”


Mozilla Is Offering a $2M Bounty to People Trying to Decentralize the Internet

Decentralized networking could bring the internet to those who need it most—rural communities and disaster victims.


Scientists Are Making Artificial Ice Storms

To better understand how they damage forests, and to prepare for a future of more extreme weather events.


Scientists Warn the Collapse of This Glacier Could Be Globally Catastrophic

For many experts, the question isn’t if this is going to happen, but when.


The Artists' Residency at the End of the World

Each year, the National Science Foundation accepts proposals for artists and writers hoping to chill out in Antarctica.


This Drummer Has Three Arms—Two Human, One Robot

Five, six, seven, eight.


How to Get a Job Cooking at the South Pole

Darby Butts, the new food service supervisor at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica, was a general manager at an Annapolis pub before he embarked on a journey to cook at the southernmost place on Earth.


Bumblebees Are Teaching Smart Cars How To Drive

New research is using the flight of the bumblebee to figure out how to program smart cars.


The Plan to Create a 'Fitbit for the Oceans'

This fall, however, an integrated infrastructure of sensor systems will sprawl, swim, and anchor itself across our oceans.


A Robot Simulates 900 Years of Selfies

Celebrate National Robotics Week with robot DARwIn-OP’s hypothetical hyperlapse.