NOFX Loses Beer Partnership with Stone Brewing After Vegas Shooting Remarks

The punk band collaborated with Stone for its Punk in Drublic craft beer and music festival, but the brewery is 'immediately dissociating itself.'
Jelisa Castrodale

NOFX Have Some Regrets About All Those Drugs on "Six Years on Dope"

Sober up with this song off their new album, 'First-Ditch Effort.'
Noisey Staff

I Ate Tacos and Talked About S&M with Fat Mike of NOFX

Despite his notorious “live fast, die young” lifestyle, Fat Mike still knows how to stop to take a moment and appreciate the joys of good food.
Javier Cabral
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: NOFX Frontman Fat Mike Lists His Top Ten Fat Wreck Chord Releases

The label CEO and Head Mohawk in Charge picks his ten favorite from his 300-plus releases.
Jonah Bayer

Punk Music Gave Talli Osborne the Confidence to Be Herself

The Toronto native talks about why she doesn't like the term "disabled" and what it was like getting a NOFX song in her honour.
Graham Isador
The Greatest Things Of All Time

There's a Mysterious NOFX Mariachi Cover Band Out There Somewhere

We talked to the person who has unearthed a cassette of NOFX mariachi covers. Plus, listen to a new song.
Lucas Vernon

An Oral History of Sick Of It All, Part III: The Major Label Trip, Fat Mike, and Looking Back

"Hardcore has been the greatest blessing in my life."
Mike Hill
Objectively Correct Lists

The Ten Best Songs About... Ketamine

Presenting: the soundtrack to extensive numbness, crazy leg syndrome, dissociation, and getting cemented in Fabric’s toilets.
Moya Lothian-McLean

Travel Deep Into the Bennies’ Inner-Cosmos With Their New Album 'Wisdom Machine'

Stream the Melbourne punks new album and take a hit of some of their home grown ‘wisdom’.
Ash Beks
Longreads Or Whatever

From Gilman Street to Broadway: NOFX’s Fat Mike Is Selling Punk Rock to Your Mom

How do you make middle America see a musical about blowjobs and street punks?
Dan Ozzi
staff picks and good shit

Staff Picks and Good Shit for the Week of November 28

This is what the Noisey editors listened to (and were thankful for) this week.
Noisey Staff
Internet Exploring

This Interview with Fat Mike Is Ridiculous Even by Fat Mike Standards

"My mom used to have all this porn..." - Fat Mike
Dan Ozzi