Why Is No One Talking About How the Rock Puts Tequila in His Oatmeal?

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How to Stop Eating Garbage and Whip Your Ass Into Shape

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Oatmeal Artist Recreates World-Famous Paintings

Whoever said "Don't play with your food," surely never met self-taught artist Sarah Rasado.


No One Knows Exactly How Much Herbicide Is in Your Breakfast

A new lawsuit raises a lot of questions about what exactly is in the stuff we put in our faces every morning.


Students in Zimbabwe Are Making Beer With Breakfast Cereal

Authorities have banned cereal and oatmeal in certain schools because students were using them to get drunk.


Climbing One of the World's Toughest Mountains Changes the Way You See Food

Being a professional climber can be a life or death situation. In 2011, I climbed the Shark’s Fin on a peak called Mount Meru, a route that has seen more attempts and more failures than any other in the Himalayas. Food had a huge part in the adventure.


Millions of Brits Eat Breakfast While They Drive and Sit on the Toilet

Apparently, a fairly large percentage of Britons think it's totally legit to eat cornflakes while operating heavy machinery or chow down on a sausage while in the loo.


One of the World's Best Bakers Is Considering Turning to Robots for Help

The James Beard Award-winning baker from San Francisco's Tartine Bakery wants to bring his legendary handmade loaves to the masses, even if that means depending on robots to do some of his bread making.


Breakfast Cereal Could Help Clean Up Radioactive Spills

When planted in post-nuclear spill soil, oats can strip contaminants from the toxic sludge.


Elon Musk Donated $1 Million to the Tesla Museum

The museum project was kickstarted—or more accurately, Indiegogo'd—by Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal.


The USDA Doesn't Want Us to Eat Lungs

There's a USDA ban on one of the key ingredients in Scotland's national dish, haggis, which has kept it from American plates for 40 years. If he weren't dead, Robert Burns would be pissed.