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North Carolina Just Repealed Its Bathroom Bill for Something a Little Less Discriminatory

Activists say the replacement bill still doesn't do enough to protect the LGBTQ community.
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North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' Could Cost the State More Than $3 Billion

The Associated Press's new analysis tallied up every major project that's been canceled in the state specifically because of HB2.
Lauren Messman
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Apparently No One Will Hire the Former Governor Who Signed the Transphobic Bathroom Law

"People are reluctant to hire me, because, 'Oh my gosh, he's a bigot,'" former North Carolina governor Pat McCrory said.
Eve Peyser

Inside the Republican Power Grab in North Carolina

The Republican Party in North Carolina is stripping the powers of the governor's office away in advance of a Democrat taking over the role, a last-minute move that has many in the state crying foul.
Drew Millard

The High-Stakes Battle Over Voter Fraud That's Left North Carolina Politics in Limbo

North Carolina Pat McCrory is refusing to concede, and amid allegations of voter fraud some are speculating that he wants the state legislature to overturn the election results.
Drew Millard

​Remember When the NC Governor Wanted to Use Disaster Relief Funds for HB2?

Governor Pat McCrory continues to fight for anti-trans "bathroom bills" while North Carolina battles with the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew—despite resistance on local and national levels.
Kimberly Lawson
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North Carolina Governor Drops 'Bathroom Bill' Lawsuit Because It's Too Expensive

Between court costs, lost tourism revenue, and company boycotts, HB2 has cost the state an estimated $395 million since it was passed in March.
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What Drives Gay Republicans into the Closet?

For closeted Republicans, the RNC is a mecca of gay sex. Michael Rogers—the pioneering blogger who outed the worst anti-gay politicians in America—knows a thing or two about what drives their secrecy.
Tyler Trykowski
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The Feds Just Told North Carolina to Stop Discriminating Against LGBT People

The state is accused of violating civil rights law and could lose millions.
Helen Donahue

Take a Guess at What the Most Downloaded Kind of Porn Is in Anti-LGBT States

According to one major porn purveyor's internal numbers, states like Mississippi and North Carolina can't seem to get enough of a certain type of porn.
Bethy Squires