Pete Buttigieg

4 days ago

2020 Candidates Want to Fund a Program Used to Surveil Muslims on Social Media

Democratic hopefuls claim the Countering Violent Extremism program can help stop white supremacist terror. But since 2014, it has been used to spy on innocent Muslims.

5 days ago

Last Night's Debate Proved Elizabeth Warren Is the New Democratic Front-Runner

The attacks clearly rattled the Massachusetts Democrat, but she proved she can take a punch, or two.


No More Mr. Nice Mayor Pete

The presidential candidate took on Warren, Gabbard, and O’Rourke in Tuesday's debate.


Elizabeth Warren Won't Say the Word ‘Taxes’ When She Talks About Medicare for All

She'd rather talk about total "costs" to Americans.


Warren’s Got Jokes and Cuomo Doesn’t: What You Missed from the Democrats’ LGBTQ Town Hall

Buttigieg talked about what it's like to run a blood drive when you're legally barred from donating blood. Biden talked about... bathhouses?


Pete Buttigieg Has an Ambitious Plan to Make You Less Lonely

Health insurers sometimes refuse to cover mental health services like therapy. The South Bend mayor wants to change that.


Mayor Pete Would Like to Remind Everyone That He Is Quite Young and Bernie Is Not

The youngest candidate in the race took every opportunity during the Democratic debate to remind people that's he's 37 years old.


Here's the Pete Buttigieg Interview a Country Radio Station Doesn't Want You to Hear

Mayor Pete talks about socialism, talking to conservatives, and Trump's Bible-thumping.


Eric Garner’s Family Is Very Pissed at Bill de Blasio

They say the mayor's demand to get Officer Daniel Pantaleo fired from the NYPD would go a long way in ensuring he never wears the badge again.


Mayor Pete Faces a Familiar and “Vicious” Enemy in South Carolina: Homophobia

Black pastors say Buttigieg will struggle in churches that define marriage as between a man and a woman.


People Trapped by Student Debt Need Money, Not a Long Policy Argument

They don't care whether you call it a 'handout' or a 'miracle,' they're just hoping for relief.


What the 2020 Democrats Say They'll Do About Your College Debt

Where the candidates stand on debt forgiveness and free or low-cost college.