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The Restless Youth Issue

No Matter the Election Results, Parisian Youth Are Crying 'F*ck the Police'

There is also an insoluble quality to French police violence, which resists being explained by recent laws or electoral politics.
Yohann Koshy

Should America's Cops Be Protected by Hate Crime Laws?

Supporters of new pro-cop laws say police are an "oppressed minority," but critics fear the already toxic relationship between law enforcement and people of color will just get worse.
Peter Moskowitz

Friends, Family, and Freddie Gibbs Come Out To Support Tiny Doo, the Rapper Who's in Jail for Making Music

Community leaders and fellow rappers spoke out during Tiny Doo's hearing.
Peter Holslin

Video Shows Michigan Police Stopping Man for Walking with Hands in Pockets

Police check up on a black man spotted walking in snow and 32-degree weather with his hands in his pockets.
Bad Cop Blotter

The Milwaukee Police Officer Who Killed a Schizophrenic Man Got Fired and Nobody's Happy

The officer lost his job, but he probably won't be facing charges for killing someone.
Lucy Steigerwald

Police Used a Drone to Chase Down and Arrest Four DUI Suspects in a Cornfield

It's the first time a local police drone has been used to arrest someone in the United States.
Jason Koebler

When Will Someone Fly a Drone over Ferguson?

Reporting in the midst of a blackout is what drones are perfect for—when's someone going to use one?
Jason Koebler
Bad Cop Blotter

You Can Get Years in Prison For Bringing Legal Guns to the Wrong State

Throwing people in jail for not knowing the ins and outs of every state's gun control laws is pretty crazy, but it keeps happening across the US.
Lucy Steigerwald
Bad Cop Blotter

NYPD and EMS Workers Failed to Help Eric Garner After Cop Choked Him

By now, you’ve probably heard something about the death of Eric Garner on Thursday in Staten Island, New York City. Turns out EMT workers didn't even try to help him in the minutes after he was choked.
Lucy Steigerwald

A North Korean Feast in Manhattan with Recent Defector Joo Yang

Joo Yang, a 23-year-old defector, has brought along some smuggled ingredients from her home country’s black market.
Jakob Dorof

How Tunisians Are Fighting Free-Speech Limitations with Slam Poetry

Although the rights to free speech and freedom of assembly have improved significantly since Tunisia’s revolution—an uprising that toppled former dictator Ben Ali in 2010—police have continued to target and beat outspoken artists at public...
Mat Nashed

ACLU Report Says 'Militarized' SWAT Teams Treat Neighborhoods Like 'War Zones'

Most SWAT deployments are now for drug-related searches, not hostage or active shooter situations.
Jordan Larson