HIV-Positive Chefs Team Up to End Stigma

A recent survey suggests half of Canadians wouldn't eat food prepared by a HIV-positive individual. June's Eatery wants to change that.
Mayukh Sen
New York

Meet the 'Congee Queens' Who Want to Change the Face of Fast Food

“Can we bridge socioeconomic, cultural, and class gaps by sharing food experiences rooted in love?” That is just one of the many high-minded questions that the Congee Queens, a newly formed mission-based pop-up, hopes to answer.
Alex Swerdloff
neon art

Neon Sculptures Illuminate Animals on the Verge of Extinction

A pop-up art exhibit sheds light on creatures threatened by consumerism.
Beatrice Barkholz

These 'Mayo Cafés' Are a Mayonnaise-Hater's Worst Nightmare

Mayo custard desserts, anyone?
Nick Rose

Why Detroit-Area Dive Bars Are Serving Some of the Best Food Around

The pop-ups in the bars of Hamtramck—a tiny, dense, and poor immigrant enclave physically surrounded by Detroit—offer real eating at a low price in a city otherwise short on culinary variety and cash.
Tom Perkins

These Ex-Noma Chefs Are Throwing a Pop-Up on Mount Everest

One Star House Party, a 20-month, 20-nation roving pop-up restaurant, will embrace the cuisines of Kenya, Oman, India, Iceland, and Nepal—on the barren slopes of Mount Everest, no less.
Diana Hubbell
pop up

Want to Eat a Noma-Level Meal on Mount Everest? Now You Can

Unlike most dining experience, the Base Camp leg of this culinary tour will last a whopping 14 days. In addition to an insane travel experience, the trek promises to offer a glimpse into the psyche of a presumably obsessive and adventurous chef.
Nick Rose

This Dinner Series Is Getting People to Talk About Being Black in America

From Lagos is a traveling pop-up restaurant created by Tunde Wey. It aims to get people talking and thinking about 'blackness in America' over delicious, homestyle Nigerian food, served family-style.
Javier Cabral

This 22-Year-Old Chef Is Giving New Life to His Father's Old Photo Studio

For 22-year-old chef Theo Friedman, that quest for finding the ideal dining atmosphere has led him to look inward and draw upon his childhood in an unexpectedly tangible way.
Alex Swerdloff

This Chef’s Culinary Incubator Is Changing the Way Chefs Develop Restaurants

Frustrated by the complications that can arise when trying to open a restaurant, Alvin Cailan of EggSlut has founded Unit 120, a “culinary incubator” where both established and up-and-coming chefs can test out new ideas and menus.
Hillary Eaton

There Are Now 27,000 People on the Waitlist for London's Naked Restaurant

The last time we checked in on London’s anti-cellphone, pro-nudity pop-up The Bunyadi, an impressive 5,000 adventurous eaters were on the waiting list for tickets. That number is now more than 27,000.
Nick Rose

You Can Get Naked When You Eat at This New London Pop-Up

This pop-up is not about nudity per se, but rather letting diners engage in the experience of eating in a more primal time and place.
Nick Rose