Princess Diana

Princess Diana

The Princess Diana Funeral Reenactment Was as Odd as It Sounds

"The people's princess" got the people's funeral.
Kamila Rymajdo

People Show Us Their 'Revenge Dress' Looks

In the spirit of Princess Diana, we photographed some outfits that made people's exes feel really, really bad about ever taking them for granted.
Chris Bethell and Zing Tsjeng
Garage Magazine

All the Princess Diana References in Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Collection

From tabloid clutches to a vintage print blouse, decoding Virgil Abloh's new muse.
Rachel Tashjian

Why Your Grief Over a Celebrity’s Death Feels So Real

We spoke to experts on why we feel the way we do when a famous person dies.
Luke Ottenhof

Inside the Home of the World's Most Obsessive Princess Diana Memorabilia Collector

After her husband died, Jo Dobson has made it her life's work to showcase the couple's immense Princess Diana collection. We visited her house to find out what drives her enduring love for the People's Princess.
Sirin Kale

'A One-Woman Crusade for Independence': My Memories of Princess Diana

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of Lady Diana's tragic death, her personal secretary recounts her triumphant Paris tour of 1992.
Patrick Jephson

This Guy Loves His 13,000 Pens

The Norwegian photographer Kristine Wathne recently embarked on a quest to document some of her country's strangest collections.
Kristine Wathne

Meet the Anonymous Fan Tweeting Princess Diana's Final Days

Diana may have died almost two decades ago, but that hasn't stopped @DianaDaybyDay from reliving her last year through the medium of Twitter. We asked its anonymous owner what they find so compelling about the so-called queen of hearts.
Sophie Wilkinson
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Who Killed JFK?

We decided to settle this question once and for all—by sending an intern out on the street to talk to strangers.
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