Prison-industrial complex


Pregnant Mom Jailed for Three Weeks for Driving with a Suspended License

Sadly, Tanisha Bynum's case is far from unusual. Thousands of Americans are held in jail for minor infractions because they can't afford to pay bail—and black women are particularly impacted.
Rachel Anspach

A Bag of Hot Dogs Got Tossed in My Prison Cell and All Hell Broke Loose

Four inmates share stories from inside Texas prison, where the Pen-City Writers help the condemned have a voice.
Carlos Flores
Anthony Johnson
Jose Maria Garcia
Jason Gallegos​
Life Inside

I Had a Secret Vegetable Garden in Prison and It Was Awesome

We weren't actually allowed to garden, but that didn't stop us from doing it.
Matthew Hahn

Airbrushed Paintings Portray the Isolation and Heartbreak of Mass Incarceration

Mario Ayala leverages colorful imagery, religion, and correspondence to bridge cultural divides.
DJ Pangburn

'Those Visits Were Everything': How Prison Visitation Cuts Devastate Families

Buried in the New York state budget is a proposal to cut weekday visits for over 20,000 inmates. For families of incarcerated people, this could mean barely having any real contact with their loved ones.
Victoria Law

Inmates Explain How They'd Run Prisons

A new report on how Texas prisons can improve is unique: It was written solely by prisoners.
Maurice Chammah
Life Inside

How a Phone Changed My Life on Death Row

I felt like a virgin on my wedding night—eager to put this thing to use, not sure if it'll hurt.
George Wilkerson
Life Inside

The Best Guard at My Prison Was Murdered

His first name was Timothy. I hadn't known that, because we get punished for using guards' first names.
Christopher Dye

How Criminal Justice Reform Died

What seemed inevitable when President Obama visited a federal prison and everyone from Charles Koch to Newt Gingrich was onboard is now a pipe dream. But could that be a good thing?
Bill Keller

Why the Prison Strikes Going on Across America Really Matter

Inmates across America are staging strikes and protests over what many call a system of slave labor inside the prison-industrial complex.
Jeremy Galloway

What I've Learned Cutting Hair in Jail

A cut means more inside than it does on the street, and that's especially true in solitary—where some guys haven't seen their own reflection in a month.
Andre Lyons
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Ramen Is the Hot New Prison Currency, Apparently

"Soup is money in here."
Matthew James-Wilson