Projection Mapping


Karate-Inspired Choreography Gets a Futuristic Twist in This Video

The performance 'EXISDANCE' combines dance and real-time projection mapping to create a jaw-dropping spectacle.


Psychedelic Light Art Celebrates the Summer of Love's 50th Anniversary

Trippy projections illuminating San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers commemorate the summer of 1967.


Endangered Animal Species Get Projection-Mapped Onto Mexico City’s Trees

To raise awareness about habitat destruction, motion graphics studio Maizz Visual projected animated animal heads onto trees at Mexico City’s Parque España.


If Aliens Took Shrooms, Their Spaceship Might Look Like This

Miguel Chevalier's 'In / Out - Artificial Paradise' is as trippy on the inside as it is stunning on the outside.


This Installation Is Like Stepping Inside a Neon Van Gogh Painting

With a killer soundtrack, teamLab's new installation feels like riding a roller coaster at the center of the galaxy.


An Ancient Water Reservoir in Malta Gets a Stunning Immersive Installation

Tourists visiting the Cittadella get a 360-degree, projection-mapped history lesson.


Blood Pours from Facial-Mapped Projections of Venetian Noh Masks

Nobumichi Asai and his team at WOW team up with the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory and dancers AyaBambi for a first with a state of the art projector and high-speed sensing.


To Save Trees, Travis Threlkel Is Lighting Them on Fire

A light show and a rock concert combine for environmental awareness.


A Virtual Rainstorm Fills the Houston Cistern

Multidirectional flashes of light flicker and dance across hundreds of columns inside the dark architectural void of the Houston Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park.


Pure Joy Looks Like This Kaleidoscopic Light Installation

Joanie LeMercier and Le Comte's new installation will give you butterflies in your stomach.


Watch This Hypnotic Projection on a Laser Cut Piece of Wood

Check out Kit Webster's hypnotic, projection-mapped kaleidoscopic wall sculptures.


Street Artist Projects Light Graffiti on the Amazon Rainforest

Photographer and street artist Philippe Echaroux creates the “world’s first street art” in the Amazon with the Surui tribe.