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Stop Blaming Instagram for Ruining the Great Outdoors

We don’t need less nature photos on social media, we need more funding for our public lands.


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Trump announced the Utah national monument will be downsized by more than 80 percent.


Here's How to Save Public Lands from Trump Administration Deregulations

VICE Impact talks to representatives from Outdoor Alliance, one of the nation’s leading non-profits devoted to protecting our public lands, about why these landscapes are so important.


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There are many organizations dedicated to fighting the dangerous deregulation of public lands.


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Brent Rose journeyed across the country to preserve natural monuments before they become a footnote in history.


Do Wi-Fi and Cell Service Belong in Our National Parks?

Yellowstone National Park wants to go 4G, and some environmentalists aren’t happy.


Fossil Fuels Lead the Interior Department’s New Energy Webpage

The environmental agency’s new energy webpage stresses “removing burdensome regulations.”


Fake Cowboy Ryan Zinke Doesn’t Care About Our Land

The Interior Secretary extremely wants you to know he’s a real Montanan.


Behind The Obscure Law Republicans Are Using to Gut Environmental Protections

Republicans in Congress are using the Congressional Review Act, a rarely-used law, to rip away protections for public lands.


Republicans Want to Take the Public Out of Public Lands Decisions

The GOP is set to kill a rule that some rural communities have embraced.


Republicans Want to Let Oil Companies Waste Gas on Public Lands

GOP lawmakers want to remove a rule forcing companies to capture waste gas. If that happens, it could cost taxpayers $23 million a year in lost revenue.


Republicans Are Trying to Run a Long Con on Public Lands

A new bill, H.R. 622, would open the door for future alt-right occupations in America’s wildest places.