We Wrestle With the Messy Politics of 'The Division 2' on Today's Podcast

Plus, our thoughts on the techno-thriller immersive sim 'The Occupation,' internet nostalgia journey 'Hypnospace Outlaw,' and joyous puzzler 'Baba Is You.'
Austin Walker

The Fun Drama of F1 Racing and the Bleak Reality of Presidential Races

Daniel Ricciardo did nothing wrong.
Rob Zacny
Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Is Trying to Wiggle His Way Back into American Hearts Again

Five years after his Oprah confession, Armstrong is proving, one podcast at a time, that we'll forgive anyone.
Tom Owen
Extreme Sports

The Motorcycle Collective Getting Hundreds of Women into Extreme Sports

VC London is introducing women to motorcycling, skateboarding, and surfing.
Giulia Aliverti

Photos of Drifting Competitions in the Former ISIS Stronghold of Mosul

After ISIS banned the sport for three years, the young people of the city are using it to kick-start a cultural revolution.
Mustafa Sadoun

Annual Cheese Rolling Competition Cancelled Because It's 'No Longer Seen as Cool'

Do Millennials have no respect for the great athletic traditions of yesteryear?
Mayukh Sen
pantheon of good games

In 2017, Legendary Racing Franchises Pushed Each Other to the Limit

Forza, GT, and Project Cars all imagined different versions of the "car collector" fantasy, but it's hard to tell if this is the start of a golden age or the moment where everything breaks.
Rob Zacny

Diplo Watches His Life Play Out on Screen in the 'WWDD?' Finale

Then Tyler, the Creator attempts to build his ultimate go-kart on 'NUTS + BOLTS' tonight on VICELAND.
VICE Staff
Indy 500

Denver Post Writer Terry Frei Fired for Racist Tweet About Indy 500 Winner

It made the former ESPN writer "uncomfortable" that a Japanese man won on Memorial Day.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Phys Ed

Races to Run if You Like to Rehydrate With Beer

Mmmm.... beer.
Jen Murphy
horse racing

Always Dreaming Takes It: 143rd Kentucky Derby Favorite Wins for Fifth Year in a Row

Jockey John Velazquez accepted the roses for the second time in his career.
Liam Daniel Pierce
boat highlights

An Unexploded WWII Bomb in Thames Might Stop Cambridge vs. Oxford Boat Race

Police say that it's too early to tell how the bomb will affect the race, but will try and send in a bomb squad at low tide to investigate.
Liam Daniel Pierce