Ralph Northam


Black Students in Virginia Spent Months Hunting for Images of White People in Blackface

After Governor Northam's scandal, students in Virginia catalogued hundreds of culturally insensitive images.


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's apology tour got off to a really bad start

The first stop in Gov. Ralph Northam's apology tour did not go well


Baton Rouge cops apologize for using blackface to arrest drug users in the ’90s

The practice was employed to trick prospective drug buyers into believing they were drug dealers.


2020 candidates are pressuring Virginia's Justin Fairfax to step down over assault allegations

The cries have gotten louder since Friday, when a second woman came forward


Democrats who condemned Brett Kavanaugh are pretty quiet on Virginia's Justin Fairfax

“It seems pretty similar to me, and I think it is hypocritical.”


Virginia GOP official who's third in line for governor insists he never wore blackface

Kirk Cox is in a highly unusual position where it’s possible he could ascend to the governor’s office if other officials resign, as they're being pressured to do


Blackface Scandals Show Why Some Black People Don't Trust Democrats

The party is trying to reach out to black voters, but it doesn't help that white Democrats keep admitting they used to dress in blackface.


Virginia's top three officials are embroiled in scandal — two over blackface

If they resign, a GOP leader who ascended by random drawing would become governor


Ralph Northam is forcing America to confront the painful legacy of blackface. Again.

VICE News looks at the history — and the persistence — of blackface in the wake of revelations about the Virginia governor.


Trump started a culture war. Democrats don’t know how to fight back.

When it comes to the culture war, most Democrats would rather fight Republicans on policy than on Trump’s racially fraught ground.