This Ice Cream Shop Is So Good that Israelis Sneak into Palestine to Eat There

"The ice cream is stretchy, like melted cheese. It makes me so sad that I may not have that ice cream ever again.”


Israeli military mistakenly kills Palestinian teen after fire bomb attack

The bystander was shot as Israeli troops chased after Palestinian assailants responsible for a petrol bomb and stone attack on a highway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that injured civilians.


This Palestinian Artist Embroiders Images of Syrian Gore and Violence

Majd Abdel Hamid's hand-stitched images of Syrians killed in the conflict are somehow more horrifying and real because they are abstract.


Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians as Government Mulls Response to Violence

Israeli military commanders and the Netanyahu government have sparred over the right strategy to end two months of stabbings, shootings, and car-based attacks.


In Photos: Riding Along With Medics on the Frontline of Clashes in the West Bank

VICE News spent the day with a Palestine Red Crescent ambulance team during violent clashes between protesters and Israeli security forces in Ramallah.


'The Bombs Outside Are Fireworks': An Interview with Theater Director Richard Twyman

Twyman's latest production looks at what it's like for a family to live through the Israeli-Palestinian war.


Palestinian Leaders Are Taking Their Quest for Statehood Global — Consequences Be Damned

The Palestinian Authority has sought recognition on the international stage despite expected repercussions from both Israel and the United States.


I Opened a Hostel In Palestine and Ended Up Getting Thrown in Jail

When I went from working with NGOs to the private sector, a crazy business partner and some shady cops nearly derailed my business.


Synagogue Attacks Mark New Level of Escalation as Jerusalem Inches Closer to Breaking Point

Clashes break out in West Bank city of Ramallah and two Palestinians are severely injured in retaliatory attacks following the slaughter of four rabbis during morning prayers on Tuesday.


Jerusalem Tensions Escalate As Netanyahu Pushes Settlement Expansion

Jerusalem saw some of its worst clashes in months over the weekend, after a three month-old Israeli baby was killed in an attack, and another Palestinian child was shot dead by Israeli officers in a separate incident.


Say Hello to Palestine's First Skate Park

The British charity SkatePal just put the finishing touches on a concrete park in Zababdeh.


In Photos: Israel Opens Fire on Largest West Bank Protest in a Decade

Palestinians launched demonstrations throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem on Thursday against Israel's invasion of Gaza.