GOP Strategist Wanted Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census to Benefit White People

He conducted a 2015 study that found adding the question "would be advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.”


Neighborhood Tries to Secede from City In Order to Get a Cheesecake Factory, Fails

The effort to split Eagle's Landing, Georgia off from the city of Stockbridge started in 2016, after the Cheesecake Factory opted not to open a location there.


Your State Could Remove Your Right to Vote Because You're Bad at Checking the Mail

The Supreme Court and states across the country are about to decide whether to strip registered voters of their right to participate on election day​.


Trump Wants to Hire a Census Official Who Supports Gerrymandering

If the president gets his way for Census Bureau leadership, who gets to vote in America could be radically altered.


An Ex-Cop Is Suing Over Racial Bias in Voting in Ferguson Schools

Plaintiffs say the voting system for the school districts of the city where the police killing of a black teen sparked protests locks out African-Americans.


Here's What You Can Expect in The Next Action-Packed Supreme Court Term

The justices will hear cases dealing with equal opportunity laws in public universities, restrictions on abortion clinics, whether voting districts should be made up of the overall population or the voting population, and union fees.


Is This How We Equalize the United States?

Is this map of 50 new, equally populated states the solution for political gerrymandering?