Religious Freedom

Indonesia elections

Here’s what you need to know about Indonesia’s massive elections

Religion has been a hot election topic, with both candidates seeking to portray their hard-line Islamic credentials
David Gilbert

New Animal Slaughter Rules in Belgium Pit Activists Against Religious Communities

The end to a religious exemption may curtail the production of halal and kosher meats in the region of Flanders.
Bettina Makalintal

Chinese Police Are Raiding Churches and Arresting Pastors as Christmas Approaches

It's all part of a crackdown on "underground churches" that don't tow the communist party line.
VICE Staff
transgender health care

Trans Woman Says CVS Refused to Fill Her Hormone Prescription

Hilde Hall tells the ACLU she left an Arizona CVS near tears after the pharmacist on duty "humiliated" her.
Marie Solis
Religious Freedom

Trump wants to protect doctors who object to abortion on religious grounds

A new civil rights division at the Department of Health and Human Services will seek to protect religious freedom
Carter Sherman

People Still Think It's OK for Businesses to Turn Away Gay Customers

It comes down to a core American belief in individual liberty—one that enables discrimination.
Steven Blum
supreme court

Businesses can discriminate against almost anyone, DOJ says

President Trump’s Justice Department appeared at the Supreme Court on Tuesday to argue that religious business owners are free to discriminate against people — as long as it doesn’t involve race.
Taylor Dolven
supreme court

Justice Kennedy can't make up his mind about gay wedding cakes

Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court’s longtime swing vote, seemed especially torn on Tuesday about whether a religious Colorado baker should have to make a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage.
Emma Fidel
Taylor Dolven
Civil Rights

Jeff Sessions just made it legal to fire someone for being gay

Alex Lubben
supreme court

The 5 Supreme Court cases all Americans should be watching

Many of the cases landing on the justices’ tables could either expand, or limit, Americans’ rights.
Diamond Naga Siu
burqa ban

Women wearing full veils can be jailed in Belgium, EU court affirms

The European Court of Human Rights upheld Belgium’s contentious ban on partial and full-face veils worn by Muslim women on Tuesday.
Milena Mikael-Debass
Impact Equality

Here’s What Went Down Before SCOTUS Peaced Out for Summer

What's legal, what's not -- recapping the Supreme Court summer throwdown.
Kimberly Lawson