This Code Is Remixing Translations of the Bible to Find New Meanings

A work of computer-generated literature is translating the Book of Ecclesiastes infinitely.


As Afghanistan Comes Online, It Grapples With Its First Cyber Security Laws

The internet presents a new battlefield for the Afghan government as it prepares legislation to regulate and protect citizens online.


Why I'm Glad I Left My Conservative Southern Church Before the Age of Trump

I know the church isn't racist. I know the people there are wonderful in 1,000 different ways. But I also know I can't deal with the fact that so many proudly supported Donald Trump.


Noah’s Ark Docks in Northern Kentucky, Complete with Dinosaurs and Wi-Fi

A visit to Ark Encounter, a Christian theme park that defies science.


Sunn 0))) Pull Back the Curtain on 'Kannon'

Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson open up about the cathartic nature of music in dark times, the strength of spiritual imagery, and the power of the almighty riff.


An Indonesian City Wants a Curfew, but Only for Teenage Girls

In a quest for morality, Banda Aceh is discussing night curfews for girls to prevent "bad behavior."


Does Sweden Discriminate Against Christians?

This spring, Sweden, normally considered one of the most free, equal, and democratic nations in the world, was reported to the European Committee of Social Rights for allegedly violating the human rights of pro-life doctors and nurses.


What Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper can Learn From Each Other

Besides loving church and hating science, the Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada have a lot in common—including awkward expense scandals.


Whoever Wins, We Lose

Being deep enough into Catholicism to the point where you can be considered to lead the church means not being too forward-thinking. In fact, let's take a gander at the top five candidates—according to, of course, a betting website—and see what they...


Papal Infallibility Is a Problem for the Catholic Church

Among the many beliefs that members of the Catholic Church hold is “papal infallibility.” Benedict's resignation is the first instance the Church has had to deal with two people holding infallibility at the same time, which is troublesome.


The Ravens Are God's Favorites

Fifty-three percent of Americans think God rewards athletes who believe in Him with good health and great success. In other words, yesterday, God chose his most-loved, and by default his most-hated, Harbaugh brother.


Adios, Choice

Remove the clinics, put insurmountable obstacles in the way, and Roe v. Wade will soon hold as much power as the now-hilariously-shortsighted Third Amendment. The fight for abortion is almost over, and pro-lifers are nearly the victors.