The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch Some Good Samaritans Save a Man from His Burning Car

The cellphone footage of a few men forming a human chain and hoisting the injured driver back up to safety is a tiny beacon of hope in our garbage world.
Lauren Messman

A Night with the Rescue Teams Looking for Survivors of Italy's Earthquake

The town of Amatrice has been reduced to rubble.
Alessandro Iovino

How Louisiana Residents Are Working to Recover from the Floods

As the floodwaters recede after a horrible week, everyday citizens in Louisiana are working to get each other back on their feet.
Joseph Darius Jaafari
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Naked Guy Who Got Stuck in a Chimney Says He Was Just Playing Hide and Seek

It took about a dozen fire fighters to rescue him, but at least we can assume he won the game.
Spencer Fox

We Asked Tugboat Workers About Their Worst Injuries

"I had my fingers ripped off. I stood there and watched the line come tight, rip them off, and then I picked them up, put them in my pocket, brought them to the hospital, and they sewed them back on."
Dory Carr-Harris
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Emergency Rescuer in Canada Is Tired of Saving Dumb Hikers

John Blown penned an angry blog post about people who don't dress properly before going on a hike up a freezing mountain in November.
Jake Kivanc

I Spent a Frenzied Night Saving Children Washed Up on a Greek Island

We need more money, medical staff, volunteers, and translators. And we need more compassion so that men, women, and children stop dying on the water.
Peggy Whitfield

This Nepalese Woman Has Saved Thousands of People from Human Trafficking

Anuradha Koirala is a 65-year-old woman who's spent the last 21 years saving women and girls from human trafficking in Nepal. We interviewed her about raiding mafia-run brothels and rescuing some 50,000 people from the sex trade.
Claudia McNeilly

Listen to a New Song from Tampa Post-Hardcore Band, Rescuer

Screamy and aggressive, but no macho bullshit.
Noisey Staff

What We Have and Haven't Learned from the Rana Plaza Factory Disaster

It's been one year since the Bangladeshi factory collapse which killed more than 1,130 garment workers. Can the odd pang of consumer guilt be reconciled with this unfathomable tragedy?
Emilia Terzon

There Are Still Broken Bones Buried Under Bangladesh's Collapsed Sweatshop

A year after the disaster, the grim history of Rana Plaza has delayed redevelopment, and almost nothing has been added to the site. Curiously, almost nothing has been taken away, either.
M Sophia Newman