How to Survive April's Three—Yes, Three!—Retrogrades

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn begin their retrogrades this month—but our resident astrologer is here to help.
Annabel Gat

Astronomers Officially Name the Newest Moon of Neptune

Hippocamp may have been forged by the fallout of an impact billions of years ago.
Becky Ferreira
Astro Guide

How This Fall's Astrological Retrogrades Will Affect Your Sign

This autumn, we'll all be confronted by the effects of Venus, Mercury, and Neptune retrogrades.
Annabel Gat

Everything You Need to Survive Mars Retrograde's Intense Shift This Month

This Sunday, the retrograde warrior planet enters determined and hardworking Capricorn. Our staff astrologer is here to help ensure that it doesn't uproot your entire life.
Leila Ettachfini
Astro Guide

How This Week's Solar Eclipse and Multiple Retrogrades Will Affect Your Sign

This summer's many retrogrades will have us looking to our pasts, but eclipses also beg us to push forward. How will this impact your sign?
Annabel Gat
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch a Livestream of Mercury Crossing the Sun Right Now

During the seven-plus hour event, Mercury will appear as a small black dot moving slowly across the bright-ass sun during the day. Incredible!
VICE Staff

What to Expect from the Five Retrogrades Coming Up Next Month

By the start of May, five planets—Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto—will be retrograde. That's a lot! Here's how to handle all the frustration life will be throwing your way.
Annabel Gat
VICE vs Video games

Anxiety Disorders and the Great Escape Video Games Can Provide

I spoke to the developer Matt Gilgenbach, who channelled his own OCD into Neverending Nightmares.
Joe Donnelly
Motherboard Blog

What Does It Even Mean that Mercury is in Retrograde?

If you need a sort of flimsy excuse for not replying to text messages, emails, or why your rent is late, for the next week the solar system is your scapegoat.
Ben Richmond