Late Capitalism

How a Real Class War, Like with Guns, Could Actually Happen

Democrats seem increasingly comfortable with "incivility," while Republicans are more shameless than ever about helping the rich. Where is this going?
Mike Pearl
the resistance

Flip Over Police Vans and Riot in This New Board Game for Anarchists

Bloc by Bloc is the "Insurrection Game" the Resistance didn't know it needed.
Luke Winkie
The Power and Privilege Issue

How a Young Cameroonian Sparked a Revolt Against Migrant Exploitation in Italy

At 26, Yvan Sagnet organized the “Nardò uprising,” a two-month strike held by migrant workers which led to the trial of 12 people for slavery and the first anti-gang-master law in the country.
Leonardo Bianchi
Late Capitalism

The Story Behind the Mysterious Guillotine on a Brooklyn Roof

"I don't know if it can kill, but it can definitely maim," the artist who built it told us.
Matt Taylor
Vice News Tonight

7 years after the revolution, Egypt is nowhere near democracy

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is likely to run unopposed — a far cry from the democracy so many protesters fought for
Amel Guettatfi

Raise a Fist to MC Sole's Anti-Fascist Experimental Hip-Hop

Stream 'Let Them Eat Sand,' the Denver rapper, producer, and podcaster's revolutionary new "anarchistic hip-hop" album.
Kim Kelly
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Meet the man who’s trying to start another revolution in Ukraine

What do you do when your revolution isn't finished?
Sean Stephens
VICE News Tonight on HBO

We did donuts with Libya's young street racers

Doing burn outs in souped up cars with Libya’s young car racers
The 2017 Music Issue

Photos of 'Untypical Girls' and the Radical Stages of Revolution

See excerpts of Sam Knee's forthcoming book, 'Untypical Girls: Styles and Sounds of the Transatlantic Indie Revolution,' featuring Kim Gordon, The Wrecks, Slant 6, and more.
Sam Knee
Radio Motherboard

Sci-Fi Author Kim Stanley Robinson Talks About 'New York 2140'

The new novel imagines life in a partially drowned NYC after massive sea level rise from climate change.
Carl Franzen

Revolutionary Books to Read for Independence Day

From barnyard allegories to 'Game of Thrones' in space, here are eight fascinating books about rebellions, overthrows, and uprisings.
Lincoln Michel

How Revolution Galvanized Egypt's Electronic Underground

We spent a few nights at Sandbox festival, surveying the scene in a country wracked by political upheaval.
Martin Guttridge-Hewitt