New Museum Launches Free Downloadable VR App

New Museum and Rhizome's ‘Artists VR’ is a virtual exhibition featuring leading voices in the VR field: Jeremy Couillard, Jacolby Satterwhite, Jayson Musson, Rachel Rossin, Peter Burr and Porpentine, and Jon Rafman.


Four Mind-Bending Things 'The X-Files' Taught Us About the Bill Clinton Era

Berlin-based producer Heatsick explored the cult TV show as part of PAN's takeover of London's ICA.


GIF Art, All Grown Up! | GIF Six-Pack

Virtual reality, lenticular posters, and more bring GIFs out of the browser and into the gallery.


A Silicon Valley-Like Startup Accelerator, But For Artists

Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey wants to give other artists a chance to go into business.


​Miranda July and Paul Ford Cyberstalked Me

At the New Museum's annual Seven on Seven conference, the artist and technologist exposed the audience to itself.


This Site Lets You Browse the Web Like a Real Human Person From the 90s

Old Web Today lets you browse the early web in the most authentic way possible.


Artists to Apple: Add an "Art" Category to the App Store, Already!

Because, in the words of Mark Tribe, artist and founder of Rhizome, “Duh!”


Digital Painting Asserts Its Place in Art History

“The most important artwork of our time might well be happening on a LiveJournal profile,” says curator Michael Connor.


Don't Stay Out of the Basement

67, a new exhibition space, opens its underground doors in New York City.


The Anxiety of Being Watched by Machines: There's an App for That

Modern surveillance has both artists and technologists on edge.


The Quest to Resurrect Three of the 90s' Most Important CD-ROM Games for Girls

Theresa Duncan's three CD-ROM games changed young girls' lives in the 1990s. Now they're impossible to find, let alone play. If we don't restore them, we may as well be burning books.


Beachside Web Surfing Competition Offers A Tide Of Tricks For Browsing The Net

Rhizome hosted the seventh iteration of the Trailblazers web surfing competition yesterday, and we got some insight about navigating the net from one finalist.