Meek Mill on the Drake Beef and Battling Internet Fuckboys

"I feel like all that stuff was a mess, for real," the 30-year-old told Noisey. "It was a mess. It was a distraction."


Chevron's Star Witness Admits to Lying in the Amazon Pollution Case

The witness, a former Ecuadorean judge, claimed that lawyers representing residents of the Amazon harmed by the oil company's contamination paid him to ghostwrite a court judgement — but he now says that he lied.


Arizona County Gives RICO Funds to Anti-Pot Campaigners in Legally Ambiguous Move

The state's attorney general drafted a formal opinion supporting the use of public funds for "educational" efforts on political issues, but withdrew his opinion after public outcry.


The Chevron Tapes: Video Shows Oil Giant Allegedly Covering Up Amazon Contamination

Footage released by an environmental group seems to show workers associated with Chevron finding contaminated soil in areas that it claimed were already clean, illustrating alleged fraudulent activity.